The DAASE is actively involved in science promotion activities, particularly emphasizing on Astronomy, among the local schools and colleges in Indore.

Outreach events

The DAASE has been conducting Astronomy outreach events for students in local schools in Indore. Observations of the night sky and any significant astronomical events have been carried out for the purpose of giving the school students an exposure to the alluring world Astronomy and Astrophysics. Recently the Copper/Blood Moon observation event was organized at IIT Indore during the total lunar eclipse on January 31. The event resulted in a huge success with participation of 150 students from various local schools alongside the entire IIT Indore family (Lunar Eclipse / Copper Moon Event at IIT Indore).

Internships / projects

The DAASE offers internship opportunities to motivated college students across various disciplines to work on the ongoing research projects in the department. Here the students get a chance to be introduced to the exciting field of Astronomy and also employ their specific skill sets to inter-disciplinary research level problems. Further information is available in the Opportunities page. Students from nearby colleges like Chameli Devi School of Engineering have been carrying out various projects involving machine learning, algorithm development, visualization with astronomy applications.

Exposure of Astronomy to school students - career and opportunities

The DAASE has been involved in interacting with school students thereby exposing them to the exciting world of Astronomy and Astrophysics and inspiring them to pursue future careers in this field. Students from various schools in Indore have been interacting with the faculties, carrying out short-term projects and taking guidance for Astronomy and Astrophysics related national and international level compeitions like the Astronomy Olympiad.