December 2015: Presentation of initial results on MACSJ0417 cluster observations with the ATCA telescope is presented at the International Conference of Gravity and Cosmology, IISER-Mohali

September 2015: New core member in the Centre of Astronomy

June 2015: Construction of two 2.5 metre dishes begins

May 2015: Astronomy moves to Simrol, IIT Indore's main campus.
4.5 metre dish being disassembled for upgradation.

March 2015: Talks on with NCRA-TIFR for collaboration, joint projects and a MoU.
A second faculty member joins the Centre of Astronomy.

February 2015: IIT Indore joins the SKA-India Consortium as a founding member.

December 2014: Centre of Astronomy constituted, one faculty member joins the Centre. The Centre decides to construct a L-Band radio array.

May 2014: Galactic HI detection presented at URSI, Chicago State University.

March 2014: Undergraduate students detect Galactic HI using the IIT Indore single-dish radio telescope.

September 2013: The first single-dish radio telescope at IIT Indore, working in the L (1.42 GHz) and X (10 GHz) bands inaugurated and commissioned.

March 2013: Prof. Peter Timbie from UW-Madison visits IIT Indore for radio array design collaboration and interaction with students.

February 2013: Prof. Avinash Deshpande from Raman Research Institute visits IIT Indore for a series of talks on Engineering & Radio Astronomy and close interactions with students.

January 2013: MoU signed with the University of Wisconsin System - 13 universities, of which UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee are two of the largest.


Welcome to Center of Astronomy at IIT Indore.

We are a new interdisciplinary centre at IIT-Indore. This centre was constituted in December, 2015. We have three core members and three associate members from other disciplines.

We have varied research interests in radio astronomy instrumentation, observational cosmology and in string theory.

Since February, 2015 we are also founder members of the Square Kilometer Array - India consortium. Our faculty members are actively involved in SKA-I related research.

We are also interested in mapping the Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect (SZE) at high angular resolution, to characterize the dynamics of cluster mergers.


Center of Astronomy
Indian Institute of Technology Indore
Simrol campus, Indore
Tel: +91-731-2438-960, +91-731-2438-946
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