IIT Indore L-Band Array

To extend the capability and functions of the above single-dish radio telescope, and to introduce Astronomy students to instrumentation, a 4-dish L-band radio array is planned to be constructed in the period 2016-18. The construction of this array is the first step in the bigger aim of having a 16-dish 3-frequency array for the detection and characterization of diffuse emission from galaxy cluster mergers. In the last three years, mergers between clusters of galaxies have attracted our attention. These are the most energetic events in the universe, and lead to diffuse emission at low frequencies (< 5 GHz) due to the presence of micro-Gauss scale magnetic fields in the Intra-Cluster Medium. Recent observations of the Bullet cluster and other mergers indicate that the diffuse emission associated with cluster mergers (Radio Halos and Relics) may not have as steep a spectrum as was previously thought. The radio array being planned will focus on this diffuse emission

Student Radio Telescope at 1.4 GHz - commissioned September 2013

A single-dish radio telescope was designed and constructed - entirely by undergraduates - in 2013, in a span of just three months. As a result of the Astrophysics Group's activity, a Centre of Astronomy was constituted in December 2014. Undergraduates students at IIT Indore detected HI emission in the Milky Way using this dish, and this work was presented at the URSI, Chicago State University in May 2014. This dish is currently undergoing a sensitivity upgrade, in order to enable it to image HI in the Milky Way. The upgade is expected to last until January 2016.


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